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Marvel and DC Comics

This page will have links to other places to find information.

The channel links below:

  1. Variant Comics Youtube Channel
  2. Comicstorian Youtbe Channel
  3. Comic Drake's Youtube Channel
  4. CBR's Youtbe Channel
  5. DC Comics Youtube Channel
  6. Marvel's Youtube Channel
  7. Top 10 Nerd's Youtube Channel

all have to do with comics.

Marvel and DC Comics Combined Videos/Playlists

History Of-Playlist (Variant Comics)
Amalgam Universe (Variant Comics)
Superhero Movie Trailers


Top 10 Versions of the Avengers (Top 10 Nerd)
History of the Avengers (Variant Comics)
Every Avenger Memeber Ever
Every X-Men Member Ever

DC Comics

Top 10 Versions of the Justice League (Top 10 Nerd)
History of the Justice League (Variant Comics)
Every Justice League Memeber Ever
Every Teen Titan Memeber Ever