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Marvel and DC Comics

My Favorite Characters from Comics

  1. Spider-Man

  2. Spider-Man

    One of my favorite characters from comics is Spider-Man aka Peter Parker. I like his abilities and hes just an awesome character. Spider-Man has amazing abilities and powers.

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  3. Green Arrow

  4. Green Arrow

    Green Arrow, aka Oliver Queen, is one of my other favorite characters. He's just a really cool character and has amazing skills. Green Arrow fights only using a bow and arrows.

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  5. Ghost Rider

  6. Ghost Rider


    Ghost Rider is definately one of my favorite characters. Ghost Rider, aka Johnny Blaze or Robbie Reyes, is a character that everyone likes because of his abilities and power. His powers and abilities include:

    He has these abilities and a lot more. Ghost Rider is a character that everyone loves.

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